Friday, 11 January 2019

Sounds of 2011: Nos. 44 to 40

I'm pretty close now to deciding that yes, I will be doing an equivalent "Sounds of 2012" series – partly for the nostalgia value, as that was the year I entered this fandom. However, as I mentioned a while back, the format will change a bit. Basically, it will be more concentrated. I'll probably pack around ten tunes into each post until I get to the upper reaches of the chart. (So yes, I'll actually use page breaks for those!) I'll work the precise details out when I get to it. For now, though, it's Everfree Radio 2011 Top 100 time again!

I've said this before, but Hasbro's canonisation of Steven Magnet's name must be the strangest bit of Ascended Fanon, considering its provenance. Still, back in 2011 "Slice of Life" was far in the future, and instead we had this immensely catchy bit of electronic fun from Alex S., complete with Steven's voice samples from the S1 premiere. While the artist himself moved on from this sort of thing, in 2015 he gave us all an official archive channel, where this song now resides. Thank you, sir! There's a 320kbps MP3 for download (via Mediafire) in the video description.

I'll skip no. 43, as it doesn't meet my inclusion criteria.

This, right here, is the personal favourite I mentioned at the end of the last edition of this series. Scootaloo is my second-favourite pony (after 'Shy, of course) and this is a Scoots song I really love, telling the story of Best Filly's determination to prove herself. Embedded here is the original 2011 version, on MandoPony's channel, and its technical quality is a bit lacking; it sounds pretty tinny. Thankfully, the following year there was a much better-produced redone version, hosted on the AcoustiMandoBrony channel. I'd recommend that one if you're not bothered about its 2012 date.

You can also find the original on AcousticBrony's Soundcloud, but that site no longer has a download button. The 2012 update, though, is easy: there's a 320k MP3 link in that video's description. I've been lucky enough to have heard Acoustic Brony play this song live twice: in an acoustic version at BUCK 2013, then electrically at the same convention the following year. It sent a shiver down my spine both times, and even now I have very fond memories. It may not be the subtlest track ever, but I don't care. I'll always love this.

Time now for another entry in the once-popular "show theme remix" subgenre, this time by the guy now listed as Mumble Etc. This one does exactly what it says on the tin, being a mixture of Octavia-inspired orchestral notes and some harder, heavier electronic stuff from Vinyl Scratch's side of things; unsurprisingly for this artist, there's a lot more of Vinyl here than there is of Tavi. Still, any track which features a Flutteryay can't be all bad. Two options if you want higher quality: there's a free Mediafire MP3 download in the video description, or for WAV'n'FLAC you can splash out 50p on Mumble's Bandcamp.

Not the last time we'll be seeing the title "Nightmare Night" in this countdown, but this song isn't a remix of the song everyone knows. Instead, it's a remix of background music from "Luna Eclipsed"! StormWolf later changed his name to JoshLohMusic, but nothing's been added to the account for five years now. Apparently this may strictly be electrostep rather than electro-dubstep. Um. No idea. It's a fun piece and makes for pretty good background music, but this track seems to have been almost entirely forgotten by the fandom now. The only place I can find a 320k MP3 is on

Next time: two enduring classics will be among the selection.

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  1. MOOSTACHE EEP EEP aAaAaAaA! What a World is still the best. :D