Sunday, 3 April 2016

UK PonyCon ticket prices!

The review of episode 3 will be along tomorrow, as I haven't had time to finish writing it. That gives me today to talk about UK PonyCon tickets, which were released last night. As already mentioned, they're advance-only this year; with a venue capacity of "round about 500 ish" (© Sparkler), they shouldn't sell out instantly — but I wouldn't leave it until the last minute. There's another reason being prompt, too: early bird discounts on some tickets!

Here are the main prices: the first is the offer price, which is available this month only. The figure in brackets is the non-discounted price. Note that this year, unlike in 2015, you must specify which day you want if you buy a one-day ticket — although some alterations will apparently be possible until August.

Adult Weekend: £27 (£32)
Adult One-day: £15 (£20)
Child Weekend: £13 (£15)
Child One-day: £8 (£10)

Family and VIP tickets don't offer early bird discounts; their prices are:

Family Weekend: £70
Family One-day: £40
VIP: £85 

Family tickets are valid for either two adults (13+) and two children (5-12) or one adult and four children. Under-fives get in free with paying adults anyway! The VIP pass gets you early entry, priority seating, the con T-shirt, quite a few other goodies and the exclusive 12-inch Britannia plushie. Only 35 of those tickets were released, however, and a fair number have already gone, so be quick if you want one!

And in case you're wondering, I bought my ticket last night. I can't really justify the expense of a VIP pass, nice as the goodies are, but £27 for a weekend pass was pretty much an instabuy. So I instabought. :)

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