Sunday, 24 April 2016

If this is a Season Six spoiler, things really are going to be interesting...

MLP magazine showing Mutant Shining Armor
I dug out my old copy of Rally Trophy yesterday afternoon. I loved that game back in the early 2000s, and it still plays quite nicely today. Dated graphics of course, but it supports 1920x1080 resolution, which isn't bad going for a 2001 game! Anyway, on to pony. Technically this is Europe-specific, but close enough. I'm afraid it's rather on the Nightmare Fuel side, though: this is a photo from the current edition of the official MLP magazine. Why does the Royal Guard behind Shining Armor look so concerned? Count the legs...


  1. "Twily, look! I grew two new appendages just like you did!"

    "No, Shining. Not like me. Not at all."

  2. What the... How very strange, but I'm also not exactly sure what Shining Armor is holding. (No doubt something obvious, but hey, it's early Sunday morning. I'm excused.)

    1. It's his foalhood doll, which is significant to the story. Basically Shining's equivalent of Smarty Pants. :)

    2. Ah yes, of course. Well that should certainly be very interesting, I managed to find a copy of the magazine this morning so I'll have chance to find out more about it later.