Sunday, 17 April 2016

BUCK's goodbye message

This is what BUCK posted on its Tumblr, Twitter etc, and it's already been on EQD, so I doubt there are many people who haven't seen it.1 However, on Friday the Tumblr posted an extended version (on Tumblr), which is even more heart-rending. :'(

1 For those who don't know, Britannia is the BUCK mascot. No relation to the other Britannia, who is the UK PonyCon mascot!


  1. Ah heck... I had seen the single picture that you showed above, and I saw another showing the back of Britannia sitting in an empty hall looking at the door. That was pretty moving, but the version on Tumblr is just... sad to see. If only Ponycon could adopt her, or someone could put her in a comic or something like that. Just to give her a new home.

    1. Oh yes, I saw the photo you mentioned from inside the empty con hall. I wouldn't imagine she'll go to UKPC, partly because of the name clash -- but a comic would be interesting. I don't know at all, but it seems possible.