Friday, 29 April 2016

Pony Music Library 2: "A Pony Like Me"

Since there was no episode last Saturday, there was also no Text Review Roundup yesterday. That leaves a bit of a space – which I'll fill with the second edition of Pony Music Library!

What? "A Pony Like Me"

Who? Replacer

Which? Original song

When? February 2012

Why? Because its ethereal sounds and gorgeous harmonies make it the closest thing I've ever found in this fandom to a classic Beach Boys sound from the Pet Sounds era. It may be more than four years old now, but in this particular respect it's never really been matched. The lyrics are well chosen, too.


  1. Haven't heard that before I don't think, will listen to it later.

  2. Huh, seems like this is one of the older songs that I have missed, despite having most of Replacer's stuff in my library and having followed him for a long time. I really like the atmosphere here, quite relaxing and almost hypnotic.