Thursday, 14 April 2016

Text Review Roundup: "On Your Marks"

Before I get started: VIP tickets for UK PonyCon have now sold out, more than six months before the convention gets under way. That's an academy record! Okay, there weren't a lot of these passes available (35, I believe), but considering this is a con that sold tickets on the door up until 2014, it's really rather remarkable. I'm sure there are plenty of standard tickets left – but if you're thinking of going, don't leave it until the last moment!

Now on to the text reviews. Since last week's inaugural TRR received a good reception (okay, Chris said it was a good idea), here we are again with some links to text reviews of last week's CMC-tastic episode. One in, one out this time: MLP Fanatic makes its first appearance here, while Unleash the Fanboy either didn't publish a review or hid it so well it couldn't be found. Still no really negative reviews to be found, though levels of enthusiasm for the ep do vary quite a bit.

Batbrony Reviews – very positive

The Entertainment Nut – marginally positive

MLEEP Reviews – positive (9/10 rating, but read the text)

MLP Fanatic – very positive

Super Recaps – moderately positive

TheDragonWarlock – fairly positive


  1. If Chris said it was a good idea, that should be all the assurance you need :)

    1. Ah, now Chris has backed up Chris's point. That doubles the Chris -- so twice the reassurance, clearly.