Tuesday, 15 March 2016

No more M. A. Larson to blame!

M. A. Larson confirms that he won't be back for S6
What I really want to write here is spoilery, argh!
I expect this is old news to many by now — but I hadn't realised, until seeing this tweet by the man himself, that M. A. Larson will not be writing any episodes in Season Six. One by one, the S1 veterans leave the stage, and this particular departure may be the most keenly felt of all. Still, what a way to go out — with what I consider the best episode in S5, and one of the all-time classics in "Amending Fences". Thank you, Mr Larson. You've done yourself, us and the show proud.


  1. Well, I wouldn't be too sad about it. Both Amy Keating Rogers and M.A. Larson have had breaks before and been hired back. Hopefully they will have future episodes.

    1. I'm not optimistic about seeing AKR again, given her new job with Disney. Larson? Well, as he said himself, who knows?