Monday, 7 March 2016

BronyScot 2016 venue and dates announced

BronyScot has announced that this year's iteration of the convention will be held over the weekend of 19-20 November at the Glasgow Hilton Grosvenor Hotel. As was the case in 2015, the main convention day will be the Saturday, while the music event — "Rock Nessie" — will be held at an as-yet-unrevealed "proper gig venue" in the city on the Sunday. Tickets will be made available sometime next month — I wouldn't be surprised if that were code for "just after BUCK finishes".

As those who've read my ramblings over the last couple of years will know, I've been impressed by the way BronyScot has been run. As can be seen from its admirably clear and open 2015 Financial Statement, the con operates on a budget that probably wouldn't pay for an hour of BUCK, yet succeeds by recognising what it is — and what it isn't. For several reasons, I doubt I'll be able to attend BronyScot 2016 myself, but I do wish it another successful year.

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