Sunday, 13 March 2016

New music: "Red Fire" (Reverbrony ft. BriLizyT)

I haven't made the posts as I'd been expecting to about music from Horse Music Herald. That's partly because the site seems to be reflecting the popular image of the fandom in being more interested in loud stuff I have no idea about (breakcore?) than genres I actually like. Give me some good pop, rock or orchestral tracks and I'll be there! Still, I did find this on YouTube itself — it reminds me slightly of Equestrian Lord's "Dragon's Greed" from three years ago. "Red Fire" is a bit harder than I tend to like, but the singer has such a powerful voice that I thought I'd give it a plug here. It's about a character who gets a crush on Celestia after seeing her raising the sun, which is a bit weird, but hey.

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