Friday, 11 March 2016

New story by me: Like a Flower to the World (Slice of Life; Pinkie Pie/OC)

Cover art adapted from Daisy Flowers Background from

I'm apparently supposed to write ponyfic from time to time, rather than just reading and reviewing it, so here's my latest effort. As usual from me, it's a short one-shot without gore, sex or interest world-shaking events. Details:

Like a Flower to the World by Loganberry
Pinkie Pie and OC
Slice of Life; 1k words; Mar 2016; Everyone
Newcomer Verdant Plateau is happy enough eating daisies. Pinkie Pie has other ideas.
Those of you who read my rather unsuccessful Writeoff minific for the "Things Left Unsaid" round will recognise this story immediately. It's obviously been expanded a fair bit, but substantial parts of it remain much as they were. It's all very slice-of-lifey, so probably of most interest to those who just want a fairly gentle read about Pinkie being Pinkie-ish without always being hyper.

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