Friday, 8 May 2020

BABSConline starts at midnight BST!

Thankfully, BABSConline no longer needs me to wrestle with Facebook to find out anything useful, as it's now got a proper website. The schedule is also up, and it should automatically show times appropriate for your local time zone. In UK terms, the convention starts at midnight BST, though the first three hours seem to have nothing going on beyond an unspecified Movie Night and the inevitable Jackbox. (Sorry, I still don't really like Jackbox!)

The con proper gets under way at 3 am Saturday BST (ulp) and continues until 8 am, before resuming at 5:30 pm and running through until 8 am on Sunday morning. BABSConline's schedule page really isn't as slickly designed as PonyFest's the other day, though it does the job. Not quite as many events that interest me personally, either, though that's partly because there are quite a few 18+ panels – and I don't generally enjoy NSFW Pony beyond the odd fanfic.

Looking down the schedules, a lot of the things I would be interested in are at entirely non-sensible time for me. Forest Rain and Odyssey are both very early-morning concerts, and the show writers' panel is in the small hours of the morning. However, I do definitely want to catch the show VA panel featuring Claire Corlett, Peter New, Sunni Westbrook. That's at a much more UK-friendly 8:30 pm BST tomorrow evening.

I'll be honest, BABSConline's schedule doesn't have the instant "wow" factor that PonyFest 2.0's did, and the awkward time slots for this part of the world don't help. There doesn't seem to be anything like the fanfic representation that PF had, either, though it's possible I may have missed some relevant panels while skimming. However, I will give this convention a fair crack, since it surely has the organisation and personnel to make it a success.


  1. I'll unfortunately be busy with other things during the VA panel, but I'd be interested in checking it out when it (hopefully) gets uploaded later. Which reminds me, there's stuff from PonyFest 2.0 I need to go back and watch.

    I'm curious what you're not keen on about Jackbox? I'm only familiar with a couple of the games on there (particularly: Quiplash and Tee K.O), but I've had some fun times with them before.

    1. I don't actively dislike Jackbox, and I do occasionally enjoy a few of the games (Quiplash is one), but it just doesn't click with me as a convention thing. Certainly not for three hours! Much the same as I've not bothered with the gaming rooms at in-person cons, even though I know they're very popular with some people.