Sunday, 24 March 2019

UK PonyCon ticket details announced!

Yesterday, the UK PonyCon staff announced the big detail we'd all been waiting for: tickets will go on sale at midday UK time on Saturday 13th April. Although you can't yet actually buy tickets, the actual tickets page has now been updated with 2019's details. There's one major change to the ticketing structure this year and the expected price rises, the most important of which I'll try to summarise below.

A Standard Adult Weekend ticket will cost £37. This is a £2 increase since last year, a little lower than I would have guessed. If you want a Supporter ticket (with your name in the con book, an exclusive badge and an extra donation to long-standing con charity the RDA), you'll pay a £10 premium, so your total cost will be £47. Again, that's just £2 up on 2018. Keeping these rises to a minimum may have been possible because of a large hike in the VIP ticket price, which now carries a £60 premium over Standard and is now a hefty £97, up £27 since last year. As VIP tickets sold out in 26 minutes in 2018, this is perhaps not surprising!

The VIP package has changed slightly for 2019, with the return of a con-exclusive plushie as part of the goodie pack the Britannia Seapony. The site doesn't say who made her; I'll try to remember to ask the UKPC people when I have the time. You'll also get the usual VIP bonuses: free con T-shirt and goodie bag, exclusive lanyard and badge (and maybe more), priority entry on both days, name in the con book, and so on and so forth.

The one notable change this year is the introduction of a Saturday Evening ticket. This allows access only to the evening entertainment (so last year that was EileMonty and co) and costs a flat £8. This is an interesting innovation and may appeal to people who are working during the day on Saturday so can't justify the £25 for a one-day ticket. (Sunday-only is £20.) If you're considering this ticket, bear in mind that the vendor stalls will be closed.

As usual, there are lower rates for children and saver rates for families – this is no surprise, but I think it's especially important for this convention, as it's the most family-friendly of the lot and needs to stay that way. For myself, although I had a VIP ticket last year I think it fairly unlikely I'll get one this time. Money is likely to be a bit tighter, especially if I choose to go to Griffish Isles too. The Supporter tier seems likely to be my choice in the end.

As always, pleased remember that this con has sold out for the last four years, often months in advance. That means you cannot buy a ticket on the door. I know this looks strange to many American readers, but believe me, the way US cons work really does not fully translate to the UK. Am I going? Well, yes, unless I really can't manage it at all. This is UK PonyCon. How could I not go? :)

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