Saturday, 2 March 2019

Sounds of 2011: Nos. 14 to 11

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Okay, back to Sounds of 2011. Thankfully, it's now pretty certain that I will be able to wrap this series up before Season 9 of the show gets under way next month! Off we go.

This song was written by StormWolf (now JoshLohMusic) to match the theme "The End of Equestria", and is a Eurobeat-style number inspired by Discord; pre-reformation back then, of course. The lyrics aren't the best, and they sometimes feel rather squashed into their lines, but it's still a pretty catchy song. The artist wasn't really happy with it at the time, and remade it in 2012. That later version is noticeably more polished, but as usual the one embedded above is the 2011 original. There's a 320k MP3 download linked in the video description.

Yet another early outing for The Living Tombstone here. As you can probably guess from the video thumbnail, this song was inspired by "Sisterhooves Social" in early S2. As with a number of early Tombstone songs, I'm not a massive fan; the guy's accent is strong and the lyrics often don't even try to rhyme. The melody and beat are fine enough, if stereotypical TLT, but I'm honestly a little surprised with how high up the charts this song landed, even in 2011. Again, there's a Mediafire download for a 320k MP3 in the video description.

This one, which I should warn has explicit lyrics from the start, is on Jackle App's account, so that's where I'll link. I'm not entirely sure what this one is about, though it seems to have a message that creating what you enjoy is perfectly fine even if you're not (to use a term that I don't think existed in 2011) horse famous. I get the feeling it may have been made in response to some early-fandom drama I wasn't around to experience. Mic does the rapping verses, while Jackle App handles the distorted electronic chorus. There's a more popular 2012 Tombstone remix, but I'm afraid the Dropbox link for the original is dead.

And we're back with the king of the early-series show remixes, Alex S. This fun track uses samples from seven of Pinkie's S1 solo songs, from "Giggle at the Ghostly" to "Singing Telegram". It sounds exactly like you'd imagine an Alex S. song would sound, though for once I actually feel this may be a little too short at 4 minutes 30 seconds. The creator made a later VIP version, which is both a bit longer and technically more accomplished, but quite a few people prefer the raw sound of the original. For a 320k MP3 download, hit the video description.

Next time, we move into the top ten! And guess what? We'll have an old Living Tombstone song that I actually really like. :P


  1. Into the top 15 and we're hitting songs I've never heard of!

    Except apparently I have heard of that first one, since I have the 2012 version thumbed-up on Youtube. <.< And I know I was a latecomer to Sister Hate somehow, only ever hearing it for the first time after it was included in a polka medley.

    And yeah, I've always wondered what One Trick Pony was about.

    1. There are so, so many songs in this Top 100 that I'm pretty sure I've never heard before. I've had a quick look through the 2012 and 2013 lists, and unsurprisingly I'm a bit more familiar with those overall.