Friday, 24 August 2018

Text Review Roundup: "The End in Friend"

Honestly, folks, this isn't only a review blog – but the way things have been going recently, it's only the reviews I've had time to write! I do actually want to write some posts that aren't reviews in due course. I just don't know when I'll get the time to do so. (The same applies for some mini-reviews of actual, physical products I have lying around.)

Dark Qiviut did a blog post for this one, so they're back on the list this week. Yay! Also, why is the Derpy News website so slow on initial loading? It's fine once you're flicking between pages within the site, but the initial getting there is treacly.

"The End in Friend" got a very mixed reaction, though there were few reviewers who either adored or detested it. I find myself at the lower end of the scale again, which surprised me a bit.

Cuddlepug – positive (graded B; "More than many episodes in years, “The End in Friend” feels like a Season 1 episode – a quality that I appreciate")

Dark Qiviut – very positive ("This quest humbled [Dash and Rarity] without humiliating them [...] The moral taught (and how) is incredibly important.")

Derpy News – positive (graded B+; "could well have been a recycle of a Season One episode [...] but it’s saved by the fact that it is wrapped around teaching a lesson to the Young Six")

The Dragon Warlock – rather negative (graded C+; "At best, the episode is mediocre and watchable. At worst, it's just an insufferable bore.")

JDPrime22 – positive (rated 8/10; "The one where "Non-Compete Clause" was done right [...] Really good lesson [though didn't like] how childish Rarity and Rainbow were acting at the start")

Louder Yay – rather negative (rated 2/5; "a somewhat lacklustre episode that rather wasted its rare pairing and never felt truly convincing")

Mega Sean 45 – positive ("kinda similar to Non-Compete Clause, but it was much better executed!")

MLEEP Reviews – negative (rated 4/10; "continuity [and] lore [but the plot was] clichéd and recycled [...] nothing new or original")

The Railfan Brony – negative (rated Bad; "painfully mediocre all the way through")

Rainbine – slightly negative (rated 3/5; "Besides the counseling scene and the frog scene, the episode was a gigantic bore [...] It's not bad, but it's nothing special. It's something that can be forgotten very easily")

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