Wednesday, 8 August 2018

No Ponyfic Roundup today

Owing to my break last week, PR is also taking a break. Never fear, though: it'll be back next Wednesday! Among the stories under review will be horizon's Administrative Angel. If you're really lucky, there may be more than one story under review. :P


  1. Administrative Angel is one of my favorite ponyfics in recent memory. Looking forward to seeing your take on it!

    1. I will give you one exclusive preview: it's not going to get one star. :P

    2. I didn't realize your scale went down to zero!

      ...that was the implication here, right? ;)

    3. Technically, it does! The Canterlot Conference got 0/10 back in PR 35 when I was still using marks out of ten. No other fic has ever managed it, but in theory it could happen. I'll leave you to ponder the likelihood of this story being the one that does it!