Sunday, 7 January 2018

PMV: "Jump Up Super Star"

I was a bit down recently when HN reported that PinkiePieSwear's PMVs had been made inaccessible. Not just unlisted as they were for a while, but entirely gone from public access. Admittedly "Flutterwonder" is hardly going to disappear from the internet, but not everything is that lucky. There's so much history bound up with them that's gone now, perhaps for good.

So, the appearance of the PMV above, created by Foxy Lee, came as a real tonic. Apart from its subject matter (the movie) this feels like something that could have been made five years ago – and that's a compliment. It harks back to simpler times when PMVs were rather more about having a good time than about spectacular technical achievement. She clearly had fun with this, and so did I.

As it happens, Foxy Lee has also moved her older PMVs away from her main channel, but she's set up the Foxy Archive channel instead. I'm grateful to her for taking the trouble to do that – although it still means the years of old comments are no more (not always a bad thing on YouTube, admittedly), at least those who want a nostalgia hit can still get it.

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