Friday, 1 September 2017

Pony Music Library 46: "Sweetie's Big Race - FiW REMIX"

What? "Sweetie's Big Race - FiW REMIX"

Who? Toastwaffle

Which? Friendship is Witchcraft remix

When? April 2012

Why? I've always loved Friendship is Witchcraft. It remains my favourite abridged series – ahead of Mentally Advanced, ahead of Scootertrix, ahead of everything. And among its best features were the original songs that gradually became more interesting as the series went on. "Sweetie's Big Race" (from episode 5, "Neigh, Soul Sister") is a fun little piece even in its original form, with Sweetie Bot putting a whole new spin on the events of "Sisterhood Social". Toastwaffle's version, though, picks up the pace, adds some unbearably catchy instrumentals and makes Sweetie Bot's vocals seem a little more menacing – as, in the context of FiW, they probably should be.


  1. This tune is something I never thought I'd need, but now I do. A very interesting and unusual subject for a remix.

    1. I don't know how familiar you are with Toastwaffle's work, but he did quite a few other MLP remixes, so if you don't know them already it's worth checking those out too. :)