Thursday, 31 August 2017

Tips for UK PonyCon-goers 6: I Yam What I Yam

Time we had another one of these! Today's tip is one I've felt quite strongly about ever since I first attended UK PonyCon in 2014:

Tip 6: Enjoy UK PonyCon for what it is, and don't fret over what it isn't

UK PonyCon is not quite like other pony conventions. Its all-generations coverage and long history are the most obvious manifestations of this, but not the only ones. When you attend UKPC, bear this in mind. If you go in expecting the experience to be what you had at Everfree Northwest or BronyCon or even BUCK, you're likely to be disappointed. That isn't what UK PonyCon is about. It's something unique.

Connected to this: be careful how you compare UKPC to other events. While many people will be delighted to hear some tales of your experiences at other conventions, they won't be as impressed if you constantly come across as complaining because it's not as loud as BUCK's Summer Sun Celebration or as posh as GalaCon's gala or full of show guests like BABSCon. You'll be missing the point.

If, like most of us, you started with Friendship is Magic, UK PonyCon has been in this fandom a lot longer than you have. Conventions don't survive into double figures of iterations just by chance. Go in with an open mind and an acceptance that while this con has plenty of similarities with others, there are a number of differences too, and you're likely to have a much happier time at this great event.

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