Monday, 6 March 2017

Announcing Flashfic 150!

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A long time ago, I floated the idea of running a ponyfic contest. It never happened, for a variety of reasons but most notably the fact that I was too damn lazy to set it up. Years have gone by and the ponyfic world has shrunk somewhat (more on that topic later this week), but as some of you may have seen already, at last I'm actually doing something about it!

The new Flashfic group on Fimfiction, which I've just set up (rather startled that the name hadn't been taken), will from next month be hosting a fun monthly contest for 150-word flash fiction. Hence my cunning choice of the name Flashfic 150. :D These contests will be judged by yours truly, for the simple reason that I am utterly power-crazed have always wanted to do it.

Flashfic 150 is intended as a laid back affair. "No prizes, no pressure, just fun!" is its slogan. What I'd dearly love to do is to encourage new writers to have a go, and then perhaps to go on to bigger things. However, everyone with a Fimfiction account will be eligible to participate, subject to the rules of the contest and – obviously – Fimfiction's own.

All Flashfic 150 contests will be pony-centric, and the plan is for the first to take place next month, ie April 2017. The group has enough members already to make a small contest workable. Of course, it may be that there just isn't enough interest in something like this to keep it going in the longer term, but I would like to at least be able to say I'd given it a try.

The Flashfic group is right here!

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