Tuesday, 28 February 2017

What does Logan review the most?

It's stats time again! All the numbers this time relate to reviews published in Ponyfic Roundup from the beginning through no. 146, a total of 753 stories. I'm doing this purely for fun, using the stats I have in Calibre. Still, I thought, why not share this fun with my readers? On second thoughts, please don't answer that question.

Most reviewed authors
10: Blueshift
9: Cold in Gardez
8: PresentPerfect
7: The Descendant
6: shortskirtsandexplosions, xjuggernaughtx
5: Akumokagetsu, Chris, FanOfMostEverything, Skywriter, Twinkletail

I stopped at this point since there are any number of authors who've had four reviews. Most of the list isn't very surprising. Akumokagetsu makes it in because I read all the Evil Belle stories in quick succession. I'm not sure why Twinkletail is there; it's ages since I've read one of their fics. There are a few major omissions, but that's in part because I've always tried to give an airing to less popular writers.

Most popular character tags
223: Twilight
187: OC
142: Rainbow Dash
135: Celestia
115: Mane Six
113: Fluttershy
104: Other
102: Luna
75: Spike
74: Pinkie Pie
69: Applejack
65: Rarity
51: Scootaloo

The big finding here is that last week's Fluttershy special was not only necessary but should be repeated as soon as possible. :P I was initially a little surprised that Celestia was quite so high up the list, but it turns out that she has more tagged stories on Fimfiction than anyone else – slightly ahead even of Twilight.

Most popular genre tags
400: Slice of Life
252: Comedy
153: Sad
128: Romance
119: Dark
109: Random
106: Adventure
56: Alternate Universe
50: Tragedy

I like my Slice of Life stories, so that result is no shock. Romance is a little higher up the table than I would have predicted, given that I'm really not much of a shipper. (I've reviewed one Braeburn-tagged story!) None of the newer genre tags get anywhere near this list; topping those so far is Horror, on a mighty seven reviews.


  1. More Scootafics needed, perhaps?

    1. As with Flutters, that's taken as read. :P Mind you, poor old Sweetie Belle is barely into the 20s, so maybe she should get an edition at some point!

  2. She's got more stories than Apple Bloom or Sweetie Belle, and more with her tag than with the "CMC" tag.

    1. Scoots is my second favourite pony of all, so I freely confess to bias here! It's odd that I haven't read many CMC-tagged stories, though in some cases that's because the three fillies were tagged individually.

  3. Interesting lists, especially the character tags.

    "I was initially a little surprised that Celestia was quite so high up the list, but it turns out that she has more tagged stories on Fimfiction than anyone else – slightly ahead even of Twilight"

    What surprises me is how the main characters are distributed. You've got Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Pinkie locally clustered around the 5,000-7,000 zone, and then it jumps to Spike and Rainbow Dash closer to 10,000, and then jumps again to Twilight, who's almost got twice as many. I gotta wonder what's with all the jumps (and why's Rarity at the bottom!? The poor histrionic fashionista deserves better!).

    1. I think some of that may stem from the fandom's early days. Rarity came bottom of many people's Mane Six rankings for quite some while, and although occasional episodes like "Suited for Success" helped it's only been more recently that she's really become popular. Twilight, too, was very much the central character in the show in the early seasons, so more was known about her than the others. I suspect Spike's reasonable showing is tied to Twilight's popularity.