Monday, 20 February 2017

UK PonyCon 2017 theme revealed!

We've known for ages that UK PonyCon would definitely be returning for 2017, but I must admit I wasn't expecting any further news for a few weeks yet. However, there is some! According to DaisyD, Communications person on the con committee, the theme for this year will be Wild West and Rodeo! The reaction to the announcement has been very positive, and personally I think it's a great idea. I'm sure it's Applejack Approved, too! :P

The other big announcements before we can all start planning will be when the con is, plus host town/city, specific venue and ticket details. I don't expect any of those for a bit longer yet, but I'm looking forward to it already!


  1. Yay! Applejack finally gets some respect!

  2. The date is rather more crucial to me than the location. I'm well and truly committed to my LEGO event on the 1st weekend of October.

    Still, will be nice for AJ to have some spotlight :). I can think of a few people that'll make rather happy.

    1. Whoops! Can't believe I missed out mention of the date. Now fixed. :) My hunch is that UKPC won't be quite that early, as in the last three years it's been the second or third weekend of October each time – but of course it's going to depend on venue availability and so on.

      Surely everyone likes Applejack? :)

    2. Correction: it was the fourth weekend in Oct last year.

  3. Sounds cool, those are two themes that I definitely think fit horses/ponies.