Tuesday, 20 September 2016

A musical interlude: Matías Peñaloza plays "Shine Like Rainbows"

Because of family commitments, I haven't had time to finish writing "Most and Least Rewatchable: Season Four", so that feature will be held over until next Tuesday. I'll put your minds at rest, though, by saying that I have indeed resisted the immense temptation to put "Bats!" or "Rainbow Falls" at number one just to annoy people. :P

Instead, today I bring you this very fine performance of my favourite Rainbow Rocks song, played on keyboard by the excellent Matías Peñaloza – who, if he hasn't been featured on EQD already, surely must be soon. Clearly Casio keyboards have come a long way from the 1980s, when they were a bit of a joke, but it's the skill of the man playing the song that's the reason I'm posting this here. :)

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