Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Ponyfic Roundup 77: Pre-Convention Edition

As those who are bored enough to read my Fimfiction blog may already know, We Who with Songs Beguile was reviewed by Titanium Dragon yesterday. He wasn't desperately impressed, and since he was reading it from the Royal Guard queue, that's one other thing I no longer need worry about. A rather more public rejection than last time, I suppose. Still, I'm well aware of how prestigious the "Not Recommended by Titanium Dragon Club" is, so I shall revel in my new-found membership thereof! :P

Anyway, with UK PonyCon bearing down on me like a beary-downy thing, I'm not sure whether there'll even be a Ponyfic Roundup next Wednesday. However, there certainly is one this Wednesday, so here goes.

Silence by Eskerata
To Be A Mule by archonix
The Beginning of Scootaloo by Stasiarose
Home by RBDash47
Pink Royal Blood by Ponyess

Silence by Eskerata
Luna and OC
Sad; 2k words; Oct 2014; Everyone
Princess Luna helps a filly escape a nightmare. But Silver Shine's problems are just beginning. She can't wake up.
An interesting little thing that I've been meaning to read for ages (I picked it up from Twilight's Library!) and that currently has a +80/-0 thumbscore. It doesn't do anything too startling in its description of Dreamwalker Luna, and the twist near the end isn't too surprising, but it does address head-on the question of why we've never seen Luna enter an adult pony's dream. Worth a look. ★★★

To Be A Mule by archonix
Sad/Slice of Life; 3k words; Apr 2013; Everyone
Dilly DaliƩr is a mule with a dream that can never be
Something we don't see a lot of: a serious-minded story dealing with species prejudice against mules as a largely accepted (except by Dilly) fact of life. What's satisfying about this RCL-featured fic is that it's not just a story in which Dilly's problems could all be solved if it weren't for the racism. It's talky, but the conversations Dilly has with his father are nicely crafted and illumine the world they live in. The fic's one irritation is Slowpoke's voice, which comes across as weirdly distorted British. Recommended nevertheless. ★★★★

The Beginning of Scootaloo by Stasiarose
Scootaloo and Other
Sad/Slice of Life; 2k words; Apr–May 2013; Everyone
Ever wonder why Scootaloo never got a spotlight?
This little fic starts off intriguingly, with Celestia and Scootaloo talking before the latter's birth. Unfortunately, it goes downhill after that. In its three very short chapters, we get Scoots' parents giving her up for adoption (sigh), her singing a slightly modified version of the Orphanage Song from Friendship is Witchcraft and eventually a sappy, unconvincing ending. Oh, and there are ponies called Burt and Andy. No, me neither. ★

Home by RBDash47
Sad; 2k words; Dec 2013; Everyone
As Hearth's Warming nears, Applejack celebrates in her own private way.
A lovely little character piece about AJ and family, with the running theme of the pie that means most to her. (It's not apple.) This is simple yet deep and melancholy yet hopeful. The viewpoint jumps back and forth in time quite a bit, but this never feels forced. It's actually surprising to find that the story's under 2,000 words long. The pie thing has real-life inspiration, but it's a touching tale even without considering that. Even if you're not a big AJ fan, this is well worth your time; strongly recommended. ★★★★★

Pink Royal Blood by Ponyess
Pinkie Pie, Blueblood and Other
Comedy/Random; 1k words; Aug 2015; Teen
A prank is a prank, yet Pinkie Pie is still pink, and the widest of smiles. How is the Prince Blueblood fitting into the SPA chair? That is what he is about to find out.
At the time of writing, Ponyess has 158 published fics. A hundred and fifty-eight. Mostly incomplete, it has to be said, but this one is done. The mix of characters interested me, but there really isn't anything much to say about it. The writing isn't great: I originally thought "SPA" was an acronym, but no, and there's considerable tense shifting. The plot is odd, too, and is really little more than an extended joke that never quite gets to the punchline. Maybe this author would benefit from slowing down a little, rather than churning out stories like this by the ton. ★

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