Monday, 5 October 2015

UK PonyCon tickets are SOLD OUT

For what the organisers say is the first time in the convention's 12-year existence, UK PonyCon has completely sold out. Usually, they sell tickets on the door – but not this year. Unfortunately, if you don't have a ticket already, you won't be able to attend. If you're in the area, by all means drop into The Last Plantagenet (the Wetherspoons pub just down the road) and say hello anyway, as it'll be full of pony people at lunchtime, but I do understand that it won't be at all the same.

I don't know what the venue's capacity is, but we (just about) fitted 350+ people in last year, and I know that there's more space available this time. I'd guess that a sell-out means at least 500 people, therefore. That would make this by far the largest UK PonyCon ever, and (because of the BUCK hiatus) also the biggest MLP event in Britain during 2015. If you are going, I'll see you next weekend!


  1. It's a pity people missed out, it's going to be a blast. See you up there!

    1. It is a shame. I feel particularly sorry for Bridle Timeout, who couldn't book earlier as he wasn't sure he'd be able to come... and was just too late today. Even more so as I haven't seen him since last year's UKPC!

      Still, I guess there's no sense in being sad to the extent I stop enjoying the con for myself, so you're right: it looks like quite an event this year. Here's to the weekend!