Thursday, 9 July 2015

Season 6 coming this year! Oooooh, no it isn't!

And here's the proof. After the enormous gap between S5 and S6, we'll be going to the other extreme next time. Which does lead to one (possibly wildly inaccurate) thought: could it be that S5 will end with a cliffhanger, one that will only be resolved in S6? Plenty of other shows have done it...

Also, I get to break out another new tag. :P

Nope; not happening after all. See next post.


  1. ...! Now that is some extremely good news. I had no idea if they had even got the go-ahead for a season 6, so that is great to hear! And even more so when it won't even be much of a gap between the seasons. If they did go for the cliffhanger option, that would be something considerably different because they've not yet had the chance to do that, and I've no doubt the writers would relish the chance to give it a try.

    1. Good news... if it had been accurate. Hasbro managed to get their own news announcement wrong! In fact, not only will we have to wait for S6, we'll even have to wait for the second half of S5:

    2. As Madame Le'Flour once said, "zis is downright deeeespicable!" In which case we still don't know if there IS going to be an S6 for sure.

    3. I think S6 will still happen, just that it'll be next year as we originally expected. At least Friendship Games is coming to fill the gap in September, though.