Thursday, 2 July 2015

Friendship Games trailer is out

Well, here it is: our first look at footage from Equestria Girls 3: Friendship Games. It looks as though this is going to be a straight-to-TV film, with a release date of 25 September. That's an interesting choice in itself, since S5 of FiM won't have finished by then. No word on any cinema release, though I'd love it to happen here in the UK, as the first two films made for a couple of excellent meetups.

I'm not desperately enthused by the subject matter itself, nor really by the songs we hear in the trailer (which Daniel Ingram has confirmed are his work). The "Let's Go!" line is also Discovery Family's tagline, surprise surprise. High school sport is wildly different in the US and the UK, so there's rather less relatability for us on this side of the Atlantic than there was with Rainbow Rocks.

I'm more interested in the position of Other Twilight as part of the Shadowbolts team. I assume that's where the conflict will arise this time round, and if Other Twilight hasn't become firm friends with the other six by the end of the movie I'll be very surprised indeed! What I do want to know, though, is whether she'll actually meet Equestrian Twilight at any point, and if so what might pass between them.

A snap judgement based on the little we know would be that this film looks better than the first EG movie but not as good as Rainbow Rocks. I'd love to be proved wrong on the second part of that; there's less than four months until we find out.


  1. Yeah... based on *that* particular snippet, I can't say it exactly made me think "I have GOT TO SEE THIS!" I'll still be more than happy to give it a chance, but I'm not sure it'll take off in quite the same way that the first two did. And the songs sound far from Mr Ingram's finest work, but... well, we shall see! :)

    1. Watching it again, I did notice one or two intriguing things. For example, watch Twilight during the "Let's go, Shadowbolts!" line -- she really doesn't look enthusiastic at all. Something's up there.

    2. Mmhmm, I hadn't noticed that at all. In which case I wonder if she ends up either blackmailed into joining them, or somehow tricked.

    3. My guess is that she (like Sunset before her) gradually realises that friendship is more important than winning. Okay, not desperately original, but it would fit with MLP's tone.