Friday, 19 June 2015

New story by me: To Be the Candle

"To Be the Candle" fanfic cover image: a broken mirror
Cover image adapted from Mirror Shards by Marina Shemesh at
Gosh, it's been a while since I published a new fic, hasn't it? About four months, in fact. I've had a very silly one in the works for a few weeks, and all being well that will still appear at some point, but in the event this one turned up instead. I'd started it a while back, then put it to one side when I couldn't think what to do with the central idea. This is the result:

To Be the Candle by Loganberry
Dark; 2K words; Jun 2015; Teen
Some ponies are attracted to mirrors like moths to a flame, endlessly preening and posing before their own reflections. Silver Buck has come to hate mirrors with a passion – so why does he spend each new desperate day in their company?

This is the first time I've written a Dark-tagged story for this fandom, and possibly even for any fandom. I suspect that shows at times, but practice makes slightly less imperfect. It hasn't exactly got a lot of attention (OC-focused stories generally don't) and it's a monologue narrative which probably doesn't help either, but I've had a moderate amount of moderately positive feedback. At worst, it's got me out of the "not publishing anything new" rut I was in. :)


  1. I know that rut. So many half-finished stories...

    1. I have one that's about 80% done, but it's a silly concept so I can just roll with whatever turns up. The rest... well, yeah. What you said, really. :S