Thursday, 4 June 2015

BronyScot ticket and guest details announced

Where They Understand You is finished at last. Huzzah! I make that an average of roughly 44 words per day. :P


BronyScot, the one-day Edinburgh con taking place on 21 November, has announced a few more details. Chief among these are the ticket prices, which are as follows:

Standard: £18
Nessie's Treasure Trove* : £35
Vendor: £45

* The NTT tickets will include a set of goodies: badge set, stickers, wristband, small art prints, drinks coaster and keyring.

I think this represents pretty solid value. The Standard ticket is the same price as a one-day pass to UK PonyCon, for example, while the NTT ticket is by some way the cheapest of any British con's "added-value" option. UK PonyCon's VIP tickets were £70, for example, though those have already sold out so I guess plenty of people did want them.

BronyScot has also signed up Eile Monty as a guest for the second successive year -- an excellent choice, and one that would certainly attract me if Edinburgh weren't so far and if I had enough money to do three pony cons in a year in the first place!

I have a good deal of time for BronyScot from what I've seen of it since its inception, and without the unfortunate clash of dates last year's edition suffered, I expect it to have another successful outing this autumn.

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