Saturday, 1 June 2013

We need a Celestia episode in S4

Chibi Celestia by MagicaRin
Chibi Celestia by MagicaRin, Jul 2012. CC by-nc-nd 3.0
I have precisely zero behind-the-scenes (or even in-front-of-the-scenes) information that any such thing is going to happen, but it really, really should. Of all the major characters in MLP:FiM, Celestia is the least developed. We know even less about her background than we do about Zecora's (another character whose backstory I'd love to see explored) and the one and only time she really took centre stage in a fight — against Chrysalis — she was defeated. Celestia also doesn't seem to have many, if any, flaws in her character.

We've had 65 episodes now, and Celestia has appeared in the vast majority, albeit less so in S3. But possibly the only time we've truly seen her lose her cool was when Discord first (re)appeared in S2E01. Luna, on the other hand, has had far fewer appearances but they've always been interesting. I'm in the minority(?) of bronies who doesn't squee madly whenever Luna appears: I don't dislike her, but nor is she an out-and-out favourite. But there's no doubt that so far, at least, she's had the better storylines to play with.

So, what could S4 do with Celestia? Obviously, we could go back a thousand years and see the lead-up to Luna's banishment, though unless handled very carefully that might just make things worse for Tia fans. Perhaps more excitingly, we could have another historical option: just what did happen when Discord ruled Equestria the first time? I don't think John de Lancie has recorded for S4, though, so presumably that's not going to happen. Finally, we could see the princesses' childhoods: were they always alicorns?


  1. It would be fascinating if they did explore Celestia's past. As you say, the story of what actually happened during the battle with Discord would be fascinating. How did she finally defeat him and turn him to stone? Were they maybe friends before that, or did he just appear out of nowhere? And what cheekiness did he get up to?

    I think a story about what happened to cause Luna to be banished could be good, but they'd have to be careful. As you mentioned, it could put Celestia in a pretty bad light, but with a skilled writer they could get the balance just right, so that fans would feel sympathy for both of them.

    There are also things like, for instance, was Celestia overwhelmed with the responsibility of the job of ruling, at first. Did she have some sort of mission to pass, like Twilight, to prove herself worthy of being an alicorn/ruler? Has she always been a bit of a troll, and when did she get so addicted to cakes?

    I guess they might do a spotlight comic for Celestia which would be great, but there's only so much room in a comic. An actual episode would probably work better, especially if done as one of the double length features. :)

    1. Well, given what happens in "Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell", the mission idea might well have some mileage in it... but who'd have given it to her? Discord? ;)