Sunday, 16 June 2013

And so dawns the fateful day

Yes, that's right: the  Equestria Girls movie is released today. (Well, in North America, anyway; we won't get to see it in UK cinemas at all, as far as I know.) At the time of writing this, I haven't seen any reviews of the film, so it's pretty much a case of "As you were". But we shall (eventually) see!


  1. I'd forgotten it was due out today. Against all odds it seems that it isn't yet sitting on Youtube... ;)

    1. I think that sort of thing is much harder for a feature film than for a TV show, so I'd expect Hasbro to zap anyone who tried pretty hard. Unlike the case when the show started, we know EqG is likely to get a worldwide DVD release, after all.

      I was amused by a tweet I saw somewhere: someone in Vancouver (I think) was in a cinema with 100-200 others... and they were *all* adults. :P

  2. That's true, and of course it's a *lot* harder for someone to get a copy of the film onto Youtube, unlike when the series is broadcast via streamed video.

    Hehe, now that would have been quite a sight, especially for the manager of the cinema!