Sunday, 23 June 2013

UK of Equestria reaches 3,000 members!

UK of Equestria screenshot showing 3,000 members
Becoming as popular as popular can be
Just a little post, since this isn't really a news blog, but I couldn't let this pass without a quick mention. UK of Equestria, a very fine site (despite having me as a member) has just registered its 3,000th participant. Considering this is a country in which MLP:FiM has barely been shown on TV and which Hasbro really doesn't seem terribly interested in developing as a market, I think that's pretty impressive!

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  1. Ah, I missed it. I knew they were very near to getting the 3000th member, but it must have snuck past when I wasn't looking. But it definitely is very impressive, and I'd imagine most of those accounts are active ones. And of course to have ended up with well over half a million messages on the forums, in (I think...) about 18 months is really something to be proud of. :)