Monday, 29 April 2013

Lauren Faust asking for bronies' help in wildlife fundraising push

Ours is a fandom that prides itself on its willingness to give to good causes, so here's another one — with a strong MLP angle to it, too! Lauren Faust is asking us to help the Wildlife Learning Center in California to raise thousands of dollars for its work in caring for rescued animals. So far, the campaign has raised just over $20,000 — but they'd really like to raise more than double that, which is where Faust (and therefore the fandom too) come in!

It's also where the pony angle comes in: when the total reached $10,000, they agreed to name a bunny Angel. Now that $20,000 has been achieved, a tortoise will be named Tank. If we can somehow get to $30K or even $40K, then there'll be an owl called Owlowiscious and even a gator named Gummy to add to the collection! Even if you can't spare money, you can still help by spreading the word — but if you can donate, here's the WLC's Indiegogo page.

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