Monday, 8 April 2013

Self-promotion is magic (yes, it's my fanfic, I'm afraid)

The title pic for The 20 Percent Solution
The 20 Percent Solution, as mixed by Pinkie Pie. Run for your lives!
Look, this is my blog, all right? If I can't be annoyingly biased once in a while here, then where can I do it? Therefore, you can all put up with me blathering for a little bit about the pony-related fanfic that I've written. I may not be famous or influential in this fandom. Or indeed any good at writing. But that's not the point. I need something to post about, and this is it. Yay. Normal ramblings will be resumed next time, I expect. So here we go. All of these are suitable for all ages, if not all levels of sanity...

The 20 Percent Solution
This comic story involving the Mane Six (but mostly Pinkie, Twilight and Rainbow) and Equestria's first energy drink is my most popular fanfic, which is to say that it has close to 400 views on FIMFiction. Hey wow, I've just realised that that's very nearly 1% of the views "Sunny Skies All Day Long" has got, and by my standards that's amazing. It's probably the story that will appeal to most people, or at least repel the fewest, and it doesn't need much background knowledge. It contains some truly awful jokes, too.

Clouded Minds
This is my most recent tale, and it's very different in tone. A quiet, reflective and somewhat sad vignette, it's a two-hander (two-hoofer?) starring Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, with the former confessing something to the latter about their days at Flight Camp. It's very short (well under 2,000 words) and the ending is rather abrupt, but that's how it's meant to be: you're supposed to be left wondering. I'm actually rather pleased with the way most of this turned out.

The Ballad of Wyverns' Rock
Of all the things I've written in the pony fandom, this piece has the most chequered history. It's something that (surprisingly) seems to be very rare: an epic poem; five thousand words in fourteeners. It's the only thing I've ever submitted to Equestria Daily... and it was rejected with a resounding thud. Not just on quality grounds (which would have been fair enough) but also because, apparently, their readers don't like poems. Well, I do, and I wish we saw more of them. So there.

So Many Different Ways to Prey
This verse, on the other hand, should be rejected by anyone who comes within a hundred miles of it. 1,500 words in iambic pentameter, this is a crossover between FiM and... wait for it... G3.5. Yes, that's right, Newborn Cuties. I suspect it's one of those pieces that people describe as "an interesting technical exercise, but not a lot more than that". It makes me laugh, though. And cry, though that's mostly from having to think about G3.5 at all...


  1. Oooh, lotsa goodies to look through! Of course, I've already read "The 20 Percent Solution" and as you know, I was very impressed by that. The others, however, I'll definitely have to read through just as soon as I get the chance, and I've no doubt they'll be well worth it!

    1. Thank you! But be warned, SMDWTP will make very little sense unless you've seen the two Newborn Cuties episodes in existence. Actually, it will probably not make much more sense if you have! :P