Thursday, 18 August 2016

Text Review Roundup: "28 Pranks Later"

Rainbow Dash clings to Cheerilee's blackboard
Rainbow has clearly been taking dimension-hopping lessons from Pinkie
Time for another summary of what non-video reviewers thought of the latest episode. As ever, I don't claim this to be a comprehensive survey of such people, but hopefully there are at least enough to be of interest. As always, click on the reviewer's name to read their review for yourself. There's a newcomer to TRR this week in the shape of Michaelsety. Do let me know if there are any other text-based reviewers you'd like me to feature here!

There was quite a mixed reception to this episode, with Rainbow's characterisation coming in for particular criticism. Here we go:

ArthurCrane – generally positive ("I (mostly) actually like this")

Articles of Destroyer – mixed (rated 6/10)

BatBrony Reviews – mildly positive ("just an OK episode")

Derpy News – mildly positive (graded B)

Michaelsety – very positive (graded A)

Louder Yay – mixed (rated 3/5; "it isn't really a S6 episode")

Super Recaps – negative ("had the potential to be something much more")

The Super Mario Brony Blog – extremely negative (rated 0/5; "how not to write an episode")

Thrond Media Pony Corner – mixed ("by no means terrible, although it'd possibly be less frustrating if it were")


  1. As much as I love old Dashie. I really hate it when they portray her as a jerk, especially of she's making poor Fluttershy cry. A very average episode in my opinion.

    1. Rainbow's portrayal is my biggest beef with this one. It's just too much like she was five years ago, not the more developed Dash we (usually) get now.

  2. This episode contains Cheerilee. For that alone, it gets a least three of five stars. In fact, last two episodes have had some delightful Cheeri-love. I'm happy about it.

    1. Disappointingly, that Cheeri-love seems to have come at poor Carrot Top's expense. Two weeks ago, we got two brief glimpses of her watching the race from the sidelines; this episode, nada!

      It's tough getting overly attached to background ponies, I tells ya.

    2. 'The Cart before the Pony' certainly gave us a bit dose of well-overdue Cheeri-love.

      Yeah, Carrot Top is one of the few characters left that has NEVER been given the limelight. People like us Colgate fans have been rather spoiled. ;)

    3. Clearly we need a two-hander episode concentrating on Cheerilee and Carrot Top.