Saturday, 27 August 2016

Pony Music Library 23: "Friendship is Magic (Orchestral Arrangement)"

Titanium Dragon reviewed It Doesn't Matter Now and gave it a Not Recommended, which maintains my perfect 100% score as far as those go. Someone asked me whether I thought he was "wrong" – and no, I don't. Who am I to judge someone else's opinion on my writing? He didn't get any factual details wrong, so I have no reason to feel aggrieved. Disappointed, absolutely, since I think it's a good story, as well as being the one fic of mine I thought might have a chance with him. Since he also NR'd We Who with Songs Beguile, I really doubt that anything I've written is going to be to his taste. But "wrong"? No, not at all.

Anyway, onward. We haven't had a Pony Music Library entry for a little while, so let's do something about that!

What? "Friendship is Magic (Orchestral Arrangement)"

Who? Evening Star

Which? Remix / original instrumental

When? May 2013

Why? Another musician, sadly, who has long left the pony world behind him, Evening Star produced some truly wonderful pieces during his time in the fandom. This, though, is one I could listen to endlessly: a soaring orchestral arrangement of his own, with several instantly recognisable phrases from canon songs sprinkled on top in such a way as to blend in effortlessly. I'm not the first to have said it has an "epic film score" feel to it, and though of course it won't and can't happen it would be a wonderful thing to have played over the closing credits of next year's MLP movie.

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