Monday, 1 February 2016

Comic mini-review: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #38

My Little Pony IDW comic issue 38, sub cover
Sara Richard's Sub cover is the best thing here
Meh. ★★

Okay, okay, here's some more detail. This is a collaboration between Christina Rice and Agnes Garbowska, so if you don't like the latter's distinctive style you might as well pass. I'm pleased to see the creators' names get more prominence than on the last comic, but I don't think this is a classic. The story (fillies get lost away from their main school party and stuck with their bullies) is a time-honoured one. Rarity plays a fun supporting role, and I don't mind that this is pre-CMC cutie marks with Diamond Tiara unreformed, but the whole thing is just boring. Snips and Snails are unsurprisingly irritating, too, and I never get the sense of anything more than a by-the-numbers adventure. Both We the Nerdy and Unleash the Fanboy liked this more, but I can't raise their enthusiasm.


  1. Issue 37 was my "jumping off" point, especially after that(in my opinion, I'll add) atrocious ending. But I've been losing faith in the comic for way too long now, so I decided I'd wait for your reviews and see how things looked, rather than pre-ordering them. Based on this evidence, it looks like I'll be saving myself a few quid for the next few months...

    1. This one's only a two-parter. Issue #40 will be a one-shot and has a plot that I like the look of (to do with Spike's history) so we'll see.

  2. I thought this looked generic and by the books too (I do want more adventures!!), and one of Garbowska's picture's looked really sketchy too. Yeah, this just doesn't capture my interest, I think I may skip this one too.

    #40 worries me, as I'm afraid it could come off more as a horrendous fanfiction, and #41 unfortunately looks really generic and not that interesting, I've seen a Care Bears episode that did that concept way better.

    #25 of FF (sounds like that series could be going downhill too) reminded me of some IMO crappy fan comic where Celestia decided to turn Twilight into a blank flank Earth Pony for some reason I don't know (probably also being that stupid "Trollestia" thingy too)...I dunno...while I still love the old stories, my passion for the MLP comics has sadly decreased :(

    Looking back on it I think this series should have ended at Reflections. #21-24 kinda don't interest me too...