Monday, 15 February 2016

Comic mini-review: Friends Forever #25: Twilight and Rainbow Dash

MLP Friends Forever #25 standard cover
I'd have preferred Brenda Hickey's Sub cover, but it had sold out
Two of the Mane Six pair up in Barbara Randall Kesel's first My Little Pony comic since the excellent Twilight/Pinkie issue. As with that comic, the dependable Brenda Hickey does the drawing and Heather Breckel does the colouring. This isn't quite as good as that comic, although it's an entertaining read which thankfully doesn't have any truck with Twilight's infamous "I won't use magic on Equestrians" stance from that Cattle arc. The villains responsible for Rainbow's disappearing wings don't feel quite right for Equestria in a couple of ways, but do at least pose a threat even to Twilight, which isn't that common. Twilight and Rainbow work well together, and there are a few nicely judged jokes. You don't need to go out of your way to get this, but if you like Hickey's artwork and this pairing, you probably won't be disappointed. ★★★


  1. I honestly found the concept of this mildly disturbing, and this was from one who had gotten his wisdom teeth removed before discovering it (I'm fine though).

    Looking at it though, I actually thought Hickey's art looked terrible this time around, it looked really sketchy to me. Then again, maybe I'm not really a fan of her style.

    And to be honest, I wasn't too happy with the punishment those villains got; they should have gotten a bigger punishment than just losing their magic temporarily. Why not permanently or something? That's what I would have done as Twilight. Then again, it's a step up from what Siege of the Crystal Empire did.

    1. Glad you're okay after seeing the dentist.

      I don't think it's Hickey's best work, but for the most part I'm okay with it. And I don't have a problem with the punishment, since it's not very pony to punish villains really badly. Look at Starlight Glimmer!

  2. Thanks.

    In G1 MLP though, sometimes the villains did get kinda punished badly (I heard one pony, Majesty, either turned these trolls to stone or greenish goo)...Starlight luckily did see the consequences of her actions though.

    I agree, it's not Hickey's best work, just looked at the pics from FF #12, it is really good.