Thursday, 28 January 2016

S6 coming this spring! Oh, and about that royal foal...

Yes, it's happening. Equestria Daily reports that Season Six of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic will be with us this spring. not in autumn as some of us had imagined/feared. We don't know when in spring it will be – presumably not before Easter – but it's still a great piece of news to see. It also means I can start using my "season 6" post tag a bit more often. Spoilers about the royal foal after the break, including her name if you haven't seen that yet. (And even if you have, I suppose.)

The new baby alicorn (oh yes) is named Flurry Heart. A name that I found a bit weird to start with, but am rapidly coming round to. For a start, Cadance is the Princess of Love, with a heart cutie mark. The Crystal Empire is in the far north. And there was a G1 pony called Flurry. What might not go down so well is that the new foal is an alicorn. Yes, it would seem that the theory that "alicorns are always made, never born" has been comprehensively demolished. Still, Twilight looks shocked to see this, so perhaps things aren't as simple as they at first appear...


  1. Sounds like a reference to the G1 pony Flurry :3

    But yeah, I'm worried about how the fandom is gonna react, I already talked to one casual person who saw the show and he said "if it's an alicorn, I'm done."

    I swear, most of the fanDUMB of the fandom (the Twilight alicorn haters and such) left the fandom because their headcanons didn't get accomplished. Me, I'm planning to have my headcanons with the OCs and such take place after FiM in a way...

    1. I think there's more to this than meets the eye. Look at Twilight's reaction in the clip -- she's really surprised that Flurry is an alicorn.

    2. I agree...

      I forgot to mention also, Flurry is adorable <#

  2. Unfortunately there are still people arguing about the whole "alicorn" thing and some are already jumping to conclusions that she's gonna be a "Mary Sue", or will have no personality and just be for marketing...when will the fandom just stop arguing about the show's quality?

    It's kinda funny and sad how fans claimed G1's ponies had "no personality and were only for marketing, unlike G4" (which is NOT true), and then they did the exact same thing for G4 in a way!