Sunday, 21 February 2016

Patreon? No. Requests? Maybe!

I was surprised to be asked recently whether I had a Patreon. The answer is no, and the answer will remain no. There are several reasons for this, but one is what now seems to be considered a slightly old-fashioned attitude in some quarters: I'm uncomfortable with the idea of money changing hands for fanfic. I'm not even sure I'd feel happy about being commissioned. This is a pretty silly attitude given that I have no similar reservations about fanart, and generally I think authors get a fraction of the attention of artists of similar skill. Nevertheless, the feeling is there.

Of course, this has never gone beyond a passing thought, for the very good reason that I'm not a good enough writer to deserve payment for my ponyfic. I'm not terrible, and I've written some good stories, but there are others out there who've written amazing stories. Still, even if I were on that level, I think I'd still shy away from Patreon. I love the relaxed feeling that this isn't a job in any way, but purely a hobby. I have no ambitions to write stories professionally, and I think it might actually lessen my enjoyment if I started thinking about satisfying "paying customers". So there you are: no Patreon here...

...though I am open to requests in terms of reviewing stories, or conceivably even doing audio readings thereof. You're more likely to be bumped up my Ponyfics to Review list if your story is short, and even more so if you're not already horsewords famous. I'll consider looking at Mature stuff if it's not plain clop/gore (though foalcon is an absolute no-no). However, E- and T-rated fics are much more likely to get my attention. Contact me (Loganberry) via Fimfiction PM if for some odd reason you're interested in this.

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