Saturday, 6 February 2016

Hasbro and Mattel in merger talks?

My health is not doing me any favours right now (again), so this will be a short one. Media reports today claim that, a few months ago, Hasbro approached Mattel with a view to proposing a merger of the two companies. There's no official comment from either party (not that I'd expect one), but Hasbro's annual earnings report is out in a couple of days' time. It'll be interesting to see how the numbers compare with last year's. What a merger might mean for the My Little Pony brand in particular, I don't know, but I guess we may soon find out.


  1. Well that's certainly very interesting, and it'll be fascinating to see what good (hopefully) comes from that, if the merger does go ahead. Bearing in mind Mattel (if I remember right) own the Monster High franchise, which Hasbro wanted, I wonder where that will lead. I suppose that if they do merge, it could mean a boost to the amount of merchandise available for MLP, or at least I certainly hope so!

  2. I heard Mattel was going downhill, but to be honest, I don't feel like them merging is a good idea...