Friday, 8 January 2016

BUCK 2016 news: the Pinkie Pie Pals return!

One of the best features of BUCK 2014 has returned for this year's iteration. The Pinkie Pie Pals area group of volunteers – not actually convention staff, but working closely with them – who aim to help new, nervous or younger attendees, or those going on their own who feel a bit lost, enjoy the event more. Last time round, they created the Fluttershy Club for said attendees, and as a participant in said Club (admittedly partly for the super-cute 'Shy badge!) I thought it was an excellent initiative.

I'm therefore using this post to signal-boost the launch of the 2016 Pinkie Pie Pals. You can read more about it, including details of how to apply to be a PPP volunteer, in this UK of Equestria post. (You don't have to be a UK of E member, as the post is public and there are email and Facebook routes for applications.) Given that I thought this was the best new feature of BUCK 2014, I'm delighted to see it return and even though I won't be there myself this time, I wish it every success.


  1. That is really cool. A lot of fandom conventions have some stuff like that a 'first time at a con?' panel, or just generally friendly staff, but I do believe this is the first time I've heard of such a dedicated effort to help out the newbies and shy attendees.

    1. It really worked last time. A few teething problems as you'd expect, but it made a big difference and I'm very glad they're doing it again. Big Harry done good there. :)