Saturday, 23 January 2016

Ponyfic Roundup Extra: Desert Island Ponyfics 2015

Having rashly told a friend that I was going to write a post like this, I suppose I'd better get on and do it! Before I begin, I should mention that this is not simply a list of the eight highest-rated fanfics I reviewed in 2015. (They didn't have to be written that year.) There are several entries here which didn't get five-star ratings at all, but which stayed with me for other reasons.

Why eight? Because castaways on BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs get to choose eight records to take with them, so it seemed a suitable number. It also forces me to make some hard choices, but doesn't restrict me so much that I'm limited to one or two types of fic. I've made no attempt to pick an outright winner, so the stories are listed in alphabetical order:

Bubbles by anonymous (PR 45)
It may be almost five years old now, but this is still one of the most affecting portraits of Derpy I've read anywhere.

The Celestia Code by iisaw (PR 59)
This story goes all-out in showing us Awesome!Twilight, without the irritating (to me) romantic angle of its sequel.

Cutie Mark Crisscross by Everyday (PR 44)
A notably high-class debut fic, with plenty to entertain and featuring some truly adorable Rarity/Sweetie scenes.

Flash Fog by Kwakerjak (PR 62)
This features mainly for its excellent Fluttershy, but also for its well realised main OC and a more than averagely interesting Lyra/Bon-Bon subplot.

Home by RBDash47 (PR 77)
A wonderful short character piece centring on Applejack. Utterly believable and deeply touching.

Lost Cities by Cold in Gardez (PR 76)
The progenitor of a small subgenre of its own, and a masterpiece of imaginative writing. No dialogue, no action, no dialogue – but all fascinating.

Pirates for a Day by DawnFade (PR 85)
Unbearably adorable, this is the story that melted my heart the most last year. It demanded inclusion here.

Riverdream at Sunset: a Manuscript by GroaningGreyAgony (PR 70)
It's [Adventure]/[Crossover]/[Human]. It's written in a flowery, wordy style. And yet it's absolutely magical.


  1. Interesting list. I've read three of these; 'Celestial Code' (really enjoyed), 'Cutie Mark Criss-cross' (didn't get along with unfortunately) and in the process of finishing 'Flash Fog'. I might check out some of the others.

  2. Look at this guy, just listing his top stories. I'm going to celebrate them by reading at least half a Fallout: Equestria in new reviews!

    ...Which is why my list will never see the light of day. ._.