Monday, 25 January 2016

Checking back

Back in December 2014, at the point when It Doesn't Matter Now became the very last story to be featured by Twilight's Library, I made a blog post here in which I "set a few goals of varying importance and likelihood" for my ponyfic writing. I meant to revisit that post after a year, but I forgot about it. Here we go, then:

1) Actually win a writing contest of some sort
Done! My little Fancy Pants story, Ever Let the Fancy Roam, won the "Making the Most of the Mundane" contest.

2) Get 1,000 views on a single story
Done! Both It Doesn't Matter Now and This Fragment of Life have reached four figures.

3) Reach 100 followers
Done! I have exactly 150 at the time of posting.

4) Have a story of mine be another reviewer's equivalent of a "Pick of the fics"
Not done, although I don't do "Pick of the Fics" any more anyway. I've had some nice reviews, but I can't think of any roundups where a story I wrote was the standout.

5) Publish a [Dark]-tagged story
Done! That'll be To Be the Candle

6) Write a Watership Down crossover that actually works
Not done, and I haven't even written one that doesn't work.

7) Get Friendship is Poetry going again
Not really done – I've only added one poem (the William McGonagall homage) since December 2014.

8) Finish Where They Understand You

9) Write something in second-person, just to see if I can
Not done, and may never be. Unless I'm feeling stupid, anyway.

10) Never, ever, under any circumstances, make the feature box
Done! I'm proud of maintaining a clean record here.


  1. I was going to ask you about this before but forgot to get round to it;
    Why are you avoiding the feature box? Is it that you don't want that level of attention on one of your stories?

    1. Don't take that one entirely seriously! It's just that an awful lot of feature-boxed stories get there because they're full of clop/gore/trollfic stuff that I have no interest in writing. Of course, there are excellent fics there as well, but still. :P