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Top 10 pony tracks of 2012, part two

Fractal Flame Effects Cutie Mark by uxyd
Fractal Flame Effects Cutie Mark by uxyd, Nov 2012. CC by 3.0
In the first part of this piece looking at my top 10 pony music tracks of 2012, I ran down from number 10 to number 4 in my personal rating. (Remember, only non-show music uploaded to YouTube in 2012 is eligible.) This time, we're looking at the medal positions. As before, the number in square brackets is the track's position in the Top 100 Brony Tracks of 2012 survey by Everfree Radio, and the song links all go to YouTube.

3. Vicious Lies (d.notive) [N/A] — I'm no fan of anti-Celestia sentiments on the whole, and I find the whole "Lunar Republic" stuff rather boring, if I'm honest. So why does this song make my top three? Quite simply, because it's brilliant. "Vicious Lies" genuinely sounds as though it was Depeche Mode, in another reality where Depeche Mode had been bronies. Quite why it didn't chart at all in the Everfree list is a mystery; perhaps its early upload date (3 Feb) counted against it.

2. The Fear of Flight (Aviators) [35] — It may not have escaped your notice that I quite like Fluttershy, and indeed "Hurricane Fluttershy" is my favourite episode of all of MLP:FiM. Perhaps it's unsurprising, then, that this masterpiece should gain a place so high in my affections. Although the singer had a cold during recording, something which might just be the reason for the song not taking gold here, he can really sing, and this is one spine-tingling piece of work.

1. A Pony Like Me (Replacer) [N/A] — Replacer did make the Everfree list, with his cover of d.notive's "Let Your Mane Down", but this wonderful original song didn't score at all. Quite, quite absurd. "A Pony Like Me" may be one of the most beautiful pony songs in existence. Gentle and affecting, it has strong echoes of The Beach Boys in their Pet Sounds era. If you can't see past dubstep, you'll hate it. Otherwise, give it a listen. I really don't think you'll regret it.

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