Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Oi, EqD, get orf my land!

I see that the mighty Equestria Daily is currently running a masthead with the tagline "All the pony that's fit to print". Now, they might have six hundred billion readers every day, as opposed to this 'ere blog's three and a half, but I would remind them that my own tagline has been "Some of the pony that might possibly be fit to print" for quite some while. I was here first, mateys. :P

The New York Times? What's The New York Times?


  1. The bloomin' cheek of it all! Oh I remember seeing your tagline months ago, so I know yours was definitely here first. And I will defend that... oooh, a shiney bit! :D

  2. Actually, make that FOUR and a half. Been a part of this since the Bats! episode! Hello! - The Captain