Friday, 25 January 2013

Blind bags, blind bags, what we gonna do?

After several lengthy, waffly reviews of this and that, it's time I made a shorter, more personal post. And yes, it's about blind bags. I'd never have expected you to get that. :P Anyway, my local branch of The Range has a small pony section, and I was surprised today to discover blind bags in it for (I think) the first time. Unfortunately they're still Wave 4. So are they in the nearby Sainsbury's. At this rate they'll be going straight from Wave 4 to Wave 7! A shame, as I personally slightly prefer the non-translucent waves.


  1. I've still not been able to find out why the yellow ones (wave 5?) have failed to surface in almost every shop. I did find a nice full box of the wave 6 bags in the Cradley Tesco though, this morning, which was a big surprise. They also had the sets of 3 figures, such as the one that has Zecora, another with Gilda, and the one with Shining Armour and Cadance. (I made sure to grab that one!)

    1. It's certainly very strange; the only places I've ever seen Wave 5 bags are a couple of Forbidden Planet shops and a Bristol Toys R Us, which just had one. Interesting news about the Tesco, though!