Monday, 14 January 2013

Ponies stomp Dredd, again

IDW MLP:FiM comic #2 (Pinkie/Rainbow cover)
Why no, Mister Dredd, we are the law now...
From ICv2 comes news of December's comics sales figures, and I'm pleased to say that things are still going pretty well for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Coming in at number 54, it remains IDW's best-selling comic book, well ahead of 101st-placed Doctor Who/Star Trek TNG Assimilation #8 and Judge Dredd #2 in 147th spot. Only DC, Marvel and two Image comics (The Walking Dead #8 and Saga #8) manage to get ahead of our pastel-hued heroines this month. So, that all-important number?


That represents a drop of around 50.3% from issue #1, which is pretty much what I'd expected. I think it's extremely encouraging that the comic is still way out in front of any of its IDW stablemates (the aforementioned Assimilation sold barely 20,000 copies) and that it's still knocking on the door of the top 50. To add to the good cheer, issue #1 came in at no. 229 for the month, adding another 6,651 copies in December to its November total of 80,128.


  1. Admittedley on the face of it, a drop of 50% or thereabouts seems pretty big. But bearing in mind that the first issue was of particular interest to collectors, and considering the sheer number of alternate covers, that seems about right. And just fluttershy of 40,000 is a very respectable number indeed. So here's hoping that it settles down to around that number, or even makes some gains over the next few issues! :)

    1. I think 50% is about par for the course. If you look at the slew of #1 issues put out by Marvel in November, most of those also dropped by around half in December for their #2 issues. As far as MLP:FiM itself goes, I felt before it was released that a longer-term circulation of 20,000 would be satisfactory. IDW's break-even point is around 10,000 -- so a comic selling double that would be a big success. If it ends up even higher, then yay!