Friday, 11 January 2013

Pony #1 makes the top 100 comics for 2012

Diamond have released the list of the Top 500 comics sold to North American comic shops in 2012, and here it is. And yes, MLP:FiM #1 is there at no. 90! It's one of only two non-DC/Marvel comics to break the top hundred, the other of course being the market-leading The Walking Dead #100 by Image. Pony is also by far IDW's most successful comic, with the publisher's second-placed entry being Mars Attacks #1 down in 417th place!

Given the billions of variant covers for the debut issue, I'm sure there'll be a considerable drop in sales for #2, especially with all the confusion about release dates, the Nook leak, etc. I really hope, though, that it maintains a healthy circulation. This is a great comic, and one you should be reading. Now, if not sooner.


  1. And that is certainly good news. When there had at that point only been one issue, it really is something special that it was able to get into the top 100.

    As for reading it now, if not sooner, that sort of statement really needs to be followed up by a glare from an angry Pinkamena. That would create just the right image.

  2. It's very impressive, when you consider that all-ages comics simply don't do very well as a rule. 80,000+ for a comic like this breaks all the rules. And yay for that!