Thursday, 17 January 2013

Saturday creeps closer...

...and that means the return of ponies, on two fronts. First, there's episode 10 of S3, which is one I've been looking forward to for quite some time now. Here's hoping it lives up to its billing — and gives Fluttershy a bit more of the spotlight than she's had in this season up until now. Second, there's the release of the Bronies documentary about our fandom, delayed from the 12th because of problems with clearance. Both will, of course, be reviewed here on Louder Yay.


  1. Eep! I forgot all about the bronies documentary being out this month. I remember that it looked pretty good from the little trailer, so it *should* be very interesting, at least in theory... :)

  2. It looks as though it will be out tonight, all being well, so I should be able to watch it tomorrow. Still, in this fandom you have to do a lot of waiting! :P