Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Sounds of 2011: Nos. 48 to 45

It's 2019 now, so here's some more music from eight years ago. Well, actually seven-and-a-bit years ago, since none of these tracks were released in January 2011 (little enduring was), but who's counting? We're well into the forties now, yet I'm still discovering songs I knew literally nothing about until I embarked on this series. Only one of those this week, though, and that's the final track. Today's four are:

It's yet another track from Odyssey Eurobeat now. This one is based on Pinkie Pie's iffy song, "You Gotta Share" from the S1 episode "Over a Barrel", and so unsurprisingly it features honky-tonk piano sounds, twangy banjo and a little bit of hollerin' for good measure. I'm not a great fan of the spoken bits that bookend the song, and it's probably not my favourite Eurobeat Brony track, but if you want in HQ then you can have it – on a name-your-price basis from the artist's Bandcamp.

Another song based on a show episode, in this case S2's "Sisterhooves Social", this d.notive track features on his popular The Fantasy album. I'm considerably more familar with the 2012 remix by Replacer, and this original is considerably harder-edged and clubbier. It took quite some while to grow on me as a result, but if you're looking for a Sweetie Belle song to dance to, this may be it. And if you'd like to hear it in HQ, you're in luck, as it – and the whole album – are name-your-price downloads on d.notive's Bandcamp.

Now here's a song written, albeit unofficially, to go with a ponyfic! According to Robbiedez (now known as LaRaikaa), this piece was inspired by Avensis Astari's story Allegrezza, which I'm afraid I've not (yet!) read so can't comment on now. It's an electronic cello piece which in some ways seems to anticipate Octavia's canon duet with Vinyl Scratch in "Slice of Life" four years later. For such an early song, it does this rather well. You can pick up an HQ copy for $1 on the artist's Bandcamp.

One for lovers of "hard/uplifting trance" now. As the track name implies, Michael Arrelano's song is inspired by "Lesson Zero", complete with several of the show samples that were very common in those early days. Twilight goes through several different emotions during the course of the song, which prevents it from getting stuck in a rut as some trance tracks can. There's a link to a 320k MP3 in the video description. The artist links in his "About" section to his new account, where he was once known as MichaelAEDM but now produces occasional releases under the name Kal.

Next time: another of my all-time favourites – and it's one I've heard played live!


  1. I really don't recommend Allegrezza. <.< It inspired a whole host of extremely good music and extremely poor fanfiction.

    1. Look, I read My Roommate is a Vampire the whole way through, and that's slightly longer, so sooner or later I'll probably read Allegrezza. Being Not 500k Words is a huge plus in my book. :P

    2. Allegrezza isn't a good fic, but it is much better than My Roomate is a Vampire — which isn't saying much.

      Still, I think that reading Allegrezza is important if you want to understand a pretty significant aspect of the fandom.

    3. Pretty much anything is better than Roommate. <.<

    4. I've read worse. Actually I quite enjoyed the beginning of Roommate. Until you-know-what happened, after which I didn't. :P